We do give private tours for individual families upon request and prior arrangement; please call the farm to arrange scheduling.
1. Private single-familly tours are free;  we don't think you should have to pay to see where your food comes from. 
2. Minimal walking is required, as we provide transport to the distant areas of the farm; however, appropriate footwear is  recommended for your comfort and safety. (Closed toes, no  high heels.) Wheelchairs can be accomodated. Shoe covers may be required for biosecurity reasons; we appreciate your cooperation.
3. One of us will always be with you to answer questons  and ensure safety.  If there is some aspect of the farm that you are interested in and is not explained or displayed to your satisfaction, please ask us.
4.  A complete go-round of the farm takes approximately two hours - more if you have children with lots of questions, because we're going to do our best to ensure that they get answers. 

NOTE: For safety reasons, the Bull Lot is never entered on a tour; this is viewed from the perimeter.  For biosecurity reasons, entering the  Greenhouse and Hen House is not permitted, as disease-causing organisms can be imported on your clothing without your, or our, knowledge, and these areas offer ideal growing conditions for various pathogens as well as the intended inhabitants. These areas can be viewed through the doors if desired.

While we are working our way toward organized and regularly scheduled farm tours, we are not there, yet. There are only the two of us, working farms have a lot of dangerous equipment around, and managing a large group safely requires a lot of planning.

We have hosted complete group tour/catered luncheon events - with four to six months planning time (it takes about four hours to see everything and have lunch).  If interested in a farm tour for a group, please contact us; we're willing to work with you on it.

If your wishes don't require a complete go-round, know that the terrain makes well over 150 acres of the farm visible from the house area; there's most always a couple of bulls in the Bull Lot by the driveway, Jewells milk cow (and calf) are usually in the barnyard along with the chickens… you can still see a lot of farm in very little time when you pick up your order.  We're open for business Tuesday through Saturday from Noon to 6pm.

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