With the exception of bulk beef orders, all shipping is arranged through the shopping cart of our online store.
Below are some tips that we hope will answer any questions you might have:

Local Delivery Orders:

At the bottom of the total column on the first page of the check-out process (far right, bottom) there is a text message stating what delivery location the cart is set for.  This information is sent by your browser, and may or may not be correct.  There is also a button there to change the location if necessary. 

Please verify that the location is set for the
Delivery Location, and if not, click the button and chage it to the delivery location.  You must insert the correct zip code to have the delivery option display. If you want to pick up your order at the farm, use zip code 24970 to enable 'Pick Up at Farm' option.

This will enable a menu with the appropriate options of picking up at the farm, local delivery to you, and/or USPS Priority or FedEx shipping for other zip codes.  Rates for each option will be displayed to the right of the option; click the radio button on the left to set your choice.

Please ensure the shipping address is correct; perishable products cannot safely spend an extra day being re-routed. As this part of the process is beyond our control, we cannot be responsible for loss due to  incorrect address information.

FedEx/USPS Priority Shipping - Continental US

We ship both frozen meat and non-perishables via FedEx and USPS Priority Mail; either overnight or 2-day as you choose. We do NOT recommend 2-day USPS for meat products; the option is intended for non-perishables only, as we've had very poor experiences with the timliness of 'guaranteed 2-day' USPS shipping.

These options become enabled after you have registered your zip code through the shopping cart.  The cart includes a pass-through to both FedEx and USPS, so their rate for the shipping option you choose will be automatically displayed in both the cart column and the method choice column.  The method is chosen at the same 'Delivery Location' screen described above - radio button list below the location boxes will display the rate for that order; click radio button to select.

We pack meat for shipping in specially made insulated cartons with dry ice or frozen gel packs.  On-site tests have shown that while the dry ice will have sublimated, both methods held product solidly frozen for 48 hours in an 82 degree room; therefore we are confident it will arrive safely at your door. To ensure that weekends don't increase transit time, we ship parcels Monday through Wednesday ONLY.

We strongly encourage you to track your shipment with the emailed tracking number and ensure that someone is available to accept your parcel and immediately return it to a freezer.  Should there be some thawing when it arrives - according to USDA guidelines, so long as there are ice crystals in the meat, it is perfectly safe to re-freeze it for storage. 

You may notice that products in your bag have a weight listing below the title that's 50% - 100% higher than the weight listed IN the title - this is an adjustment for the dry ice/gel packs, and applies only to shipping weight calculations.  The meat weight listed in the title/description of the product listing is the net weight of the meat you are ordering.

USPS Priority Flat Rate

We expect to offer USPS Priority Flat Rate soon; however, rates do not differ significantly in most instances from Priority 2-day shipping currently available.  Because this method requires using USPS cartons, it is not available at this time. 
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