We keep a small flock of free-range hens, currently producing kosher eggs. The ladies on duty at this time are Leghorn (white eggs) and Buff Orpington (dark cream to medium brown eggs).

In February 2015, we look forward to welcoming the Silver Grey Dorkings - an endangered heritage breed renowned for its flavor and tenderness as a meat bird, and an above average producer of medium to large brown eggs.  Their arrival will mark the end of over three years of searching, and we're very excitied!  We expect the Dorkings to replace the Freedom rangers before the year is out, and eventually the Leghorns as well.  As of late summer 2015, eggs will no longer be guaranteed kosher.

Our layers have access to unlimited outdoor space (and eagerly go there) a minimum of 8 hours daily.  They're out about 8 hours in winter when the days are short, and 14 or 15 hours in summer - they 'go to bed with the chickens', so it's up them. They are kept in only when heavy snow is forcast; when the snow stops - out they go.

At this time most of the white eggs produced are XL(2+1/4oz) to Jumbo '(2+1/2oz) and some are ginormous; the brown eggs are Medium to Large. Due to the difficulty of safely fitting them into cartons, we don't fill orders with ginormous ones. 

We use clear #1HDPE cartons, made from recycled water bottles.  We welcome the return of intact cartons for re-use, and urge folks to place damaged cartons with their recyclables.  (The cartons are imbossed with the required markings.)

Eggs are NOT shipped;  the ability to order them through the online store is intended for farm pick-up and local deliveries only.  Shipping orders that include eggs wil be cancelled.
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