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Sarver Heritage Farm was established in 1951 on 250 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the Organ Cave area of the West Virginia highlands.  The current stewards are Robert & Jewell Doering, the third generation of Sarvers to raise cattle on this land. We have placed the property under a Farmland Preservation Easement, to protect it from Eminent Domain actions and assure that it can never become another subdivision; it is truly a 'Forever Farm'.

We raise pastured, 100% grass fed Black Angus and Galloway/Angus Cross beef. The target size of our standing herd is 60 cows; we produce approximately the same number of calves each year. The finest of those calves will grow up to either be, or produce, Sarver Heritage Farm Beef.

Some are chosen as replacements for the herds, while the rest are raised to early maturity, when they are harvested to produce our 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, without added hormones or antibiotics.

The background photo shows part of the birthplace for the herd, and they spend their lives rotating between pastures similar to it.  We maintain a closed system; our cattle are born, raised and finished on our pastures, and neither cows nor calves are brought in from off-farm.

We can tell you how each of our cattle have spent their lives. The history of every animal we produce is fully recorded -  from birthdates and the vaccinations  necessary for newborns, to each day they move to fresh pasture. They eat only natural forages, either from pasture or our own grass hay. We practice rotational grazing to maintain fertile, lush pastures, utilizing 'Best Practices' to assure the health of the land as well as the cattle. We are an AGA certified producer; as such, our practices meet or exceed their published guidelines with yearly audits for verification.
We treat our cattle humanely and with
respect. A good portion actually enjoy
(demand) a good scratching when we
check on them daily. With pastures
ranging from 10 to 50 acres, they have
plenty of room to move about and do
what they do best. Of course, they
receive no hormones, no fed antibiotics
nor any supplement other than access to
free choice trace mineral salt. They
are harvested at 22 to 29 months of age, providing tender and full flavored beef.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality 100% grass fed, pastured beef at competitive prices. By beginning with inherited dams of lines entirely grass fed for generations and working with carefully chosen registered heritage breed sires, we have seen constant improvement in an already spectacular product and are eager to share the results with you.

Our beef is currently being processed at several small family owned, USDA certified facilities, where it is dry aged 14 tor 21 days before being cut, vacuum packed and flash frozen.
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